Monday, 19 September 2011

At Last

We've torn our site apart and we're putting it back together...

at last we have the mechanics of it working

Now you can fill a 4.7gb DVD with mixes and we will ship it to you for £14.99

just keep adding mixes to your cart until a disc is full - on the checkout page you'll be able to see how empty or full it is, and how much space you have left to add more

Then pay for your order and we'll ship it the next day

Fancy more than one DVD full?

the first DVD of mixes is £14.99, then it's £24.99 for two and £32.99 for three and so on...

that's all you pay - all post and shipping costs are included... no matter where you live!

We've had to take down all the mixes that used to be up while we test the new site but we'll put them all back up plus more than 12,000 more! The basic site is working now - it's the design that will change over the coming months

If what you're looking for isn't up yet, we probably have it, so just mail us on and we'll prioritise the artists/djs you want to see

You will have seen in our last blog posting the Tiesto and 2 Many Djs mixes that have been added in the new style to the shop.

We'll post links here each time we add a new mix to the site, we have more than 12,000 mixes waiting to go up....

Tracklistings and samples will follow as soon as all the mixes are up

Give us a shout at if you have any questions!

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