Saturday, 10 December 2011

Essential Selection Mixes Added 10.12.2011

EM001 Pete Tong Studio Session (30.10.1993)
EM002 Paul Oakenfold Studio Session (06.11.1993)
EM003 Andrew Wetherall Studio Session (13.11.1993)
EM004 Danny Rampling Studio Session (20.11.1993)
EM005 Terry Farley & Pete Heller (Junior Boys Own) Studio Session (27.11. 1993)
EM006 Future Sound Of London Studio Session (04.12.1993)
EM007 David Holmes Studio Session (18.12.1993)
EM008 Pete Tong and Dave Durrell (25.12.1993)
EM009 Pete Tong Studio Session (11.12.1993)
EM019 Paul Oakenfold Studio Session (19.03.1994)
EM046 Danny Rampling Studio Session (02.10.1994)
EM050 Chris and James Studio Session (30.10.1994)
EM057 Paul Oakenfold Studio Session The Goa Mix (18.12.1994)
EM079 Paul Oakenfold, Shiva, Pete Tong, Billy Ray Martin ,Sasha, Gerideau, Danny Rampling @ Que Club
EM083 Danny Rampling Studio Session (25.06.1995)
EM091 Nick Warren Studio Session (20.08. 1995)
EM095 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Beto Party Ku Ibiza (17.09.1995)
EM099 Danny Rampling & Pete Tong Creams 3rd Birthday Liverpool (14.10.1995)
EM102 Paul Oakenfold, Pete Tong & Sasha Que Club Birmingham (04.11.1995)
EM102A Paul Oakenfold & Blackbox Que Club Birmingham UK (04.11.1995)
EM109 Danny Rampling & Pete Tong Shepherds Bush Empire London (23.12.1995)
EM115 Pete Tong, Paul Bleasdale & Boy George Que Club Birmingham (28.01.1996)
EM142 Pete Tong, Sasha and Danny Rampling Amnesia Ibiza (28.07. 1996)
EM153 Paul Oakenfold Studio Perfecto Fluoro Mix Session (13.10.1996)
EM155 Andrew Weatherall Studio Session (27.10.1996)
EM160 Pete Tong & Nick Warren Scream The Warehouse Plymouth (01.12.1996)
EM173 Nick Warren Studio Session (23.02.1997)
EM188 The Sneaker Pimps, Justin Robertson, DJ Sneak, Kraftwerk, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold & Way Out
EM188A Paul Oakenfold Radio 1 Essential Mix Tribal Gathering Luton (25.05.1997)
EM194 Boy George, Pete Tong & Paul Oakenfold Hong Kong Hand Over Party (06.07.1997)
EM194A Paul Oakenfold Hong Kong Hand Over Party (06.07.1997)
EM199 Pete Tong, Danny Rampling & Tall Paul Amnesia Ibiza (10.08.1997)
EM209 Paul Oakenfold Studio Session (19.10.1997)
EM215 Nick Warren & Paul Oakenfold Cream Liverpool (30.11.1997)
EM240 Pete Tong, Sasha & Paul Oakenfold Creamfields Winchester (02.05.1998)
EM253 Danny Rampling, Pete Tong & Judge Jules Manumission @ Privilege Ibiza (02.08.1998)
EM263 Pete Tong & Paul Oakenfold Creams 6th Birthday Liverpool (11.10.1998)
EM265 Judge Jules, Pete Tong & Danny Rampling Sound City 98 Newcastle (25.10.1998)
EM278 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Home Sydney Australia (17.01.1999)
EM283 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Jonis Havana Cuba (21.02.1999)
EM288 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Shadow Lounge Miami (28.03.1999)
EM292 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Buenos Aires Argentina (25.04.1999)
EM297 Sasha, Pete Tong & Paul Oakenfold Live @ Homelands Winchester (30.05.1999)
EM300 Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold & Judge Jules Gatecrasher Leeds (20.06.1999)
EM305 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Home Space Ibiza (25.07.1999)
EM307 Danny Rampling, Pete Tong & Judge Jules Pacha Ibiza (08.08.1999)
EM310 Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine & Paul Oakenfold Creamfields Winchester (29.08.1999)
EM314 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Club Rojam Shanghai China (26.09.1999)
EM315 Nick Warren Studio Session (03.10.1999)
EM319 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Home London (31.10.1999)
EM323 Paul Oakenfold Live @ Liverpool University (28.11.1999)
EM328 The Millenium Mix Live From Across The Globe (31.12.1999-01.01.2000)
EM329 Mr C Studio Session (02.01.2000)
EM335 Paul Oakenfold Studio Session (13.02.2000)
EM349 Paul Oakenfold Studio Session (21.05.2000)
EM360 Danny Rampling, Pete Tong & Laurent Garnier @ Space Ibiza and Norman Cook ,Seb Fontaine @ Amne
EM363 Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine & Paul Oakenfold Creamfields Liverpool (27.08.2000)
EM364 Danny Rampling Angels of Love Italy (03.09.2000)
EM382 Paul Oakenfold Godskitchen @ Code Birmingham (31.12.2000)
EM411 Seb Fontaine, Yousef, Layo, Darren Emerson & Sasha Love Weekend Part 1 Telewest Arena Newcastl
EM412 John Digweed, Danny Rampling & Pete Tong Love Weekend Part 2 Telewest Arena Newcastle (22.07.2
EM422 Nick Warren Studio Session (30.09.2001)
EM423 Benji Candelario and Danny Rampling London (07.10.2001)
EM426 Fergie & Paul Oakenfold One Live Birmingham (28.10.2001)
EM446 Tom Middleton & Andrew Weatherall @ Cargo London World DJ Day (10.03.2002)
EM460 Mr C Studio Session (23.06.2002)
EM469 Underworld, Herman Cattaneo & Paul Oakenfold Creamfields Liverpool (25.08.2002)
EM513 Mr C, Erol Alkan ,Layo & Bushwacka Glastonbury UK (29.06.2003)
EM519 Paul Oakenfold & Tiesto @ Amnesia Fergie, Jules & Eddie Halliwell @ Eden Ibiza (10.08.2003)
EM559 Danny Rampling Studio Session (16.05.2004)
EM571 Paul Oakenfold, Seb Fontaine, Nic Fanciulli & Eddie Halliwell Cream at Amnesia (08.08.2004)
EM643 Danny Rampling Studio Session (25.12.2005)
EM661 Paul Oakenfold Studio Session (30.04.2006)
EM682 Radio 1 Ibiza Weekend Special (13.08.2006)
EMClassic3 Essential Mix Classics (26.12.2007)
EM791 Vintage EM Creamfields 1998 (23.08.2008)

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