Sunday, 20 April 2014


This is our old blog, we havent used it in a long time but its time to resurrect it again 

We currently have the original site Littledogdiscs and we have our temp site  Littledogdiscs Temp where we are working on updates and trying out new features, its currently a bit crazy looking while we work on the mechanics of the site but its progressing nicely, our biggest problem at the moment is every time we get something new to work i think of another great feature.
It would be lovely to have it all finished and sexy looking but another couple of months of tinkering will make a world of difference.

Our hands were tied with the platform that Littledogdiscs is on, the new design is a standalone site so we can finally implement some of the features we only ever dreamed about.
One of our biggest issues had been showing graphically how full your disc was of your chosen mixes, we have implemented a bar on the temp site the grows and shrinks as you add and subtract mixes from your collection.
We have also connected the site to our server and are pleased to be able to offer free downloads as a promotional tool and as a way of saying thanks to past customers.
We hope that this system will eventually enable us to offer all mixes with a download option.

We also have a guest account with the following mixes available
Alan King New Mix Monday Frankie Knuckles Tribute (26.01.2009) 
Dimitri From Paris My Tribute To Frankie Knuckles (01.04.2014) 
David Morales Tribute To Frankie Knuckles (02.04.2014) 
to access the guest account visit the temp site Littledogdiscs Temp in the top right hand corner you will see the Downloads button, click on this and you will be taken to the login page.
In the box that says Email address put in
In the box that says Password put in jH9PcSvbN
The password is case sensitive and we change the guest password every now and again
Once logged in its just a case of clicking the download button and the chosen mix will be downloaded on to your computer.

Currently we are offering private accounts to past customers, contact us if you want an account setup and we will mail a peronal login and password.
The current private account mix list is
Carl Cox Essential Selection Special RA-VE Day (09.05.1995)
Danny Rampling & Kenny Carpenter Radio One LGDP (01.11.2001)
Danny Rampling & Frankie Knuckles Radio One LGDP Live @WMC Miami (22.03.2002)
Eddie Lock Ibiza Club Classics Vol 3 (xx.xx.1994)
Alan King New Mix Monday Frankie Knuckles Tribute (26.01.2009)
David Morales Tribute To Frankie Knuckles (02.04.2014)
Dimitri From Paris My Tribute To Frankie Knuckles (01.04.2014)
Future Sound Of London Live on Kiss FM London (26.12.1992)
Future Sound Of London 12 Hour Broadcast Live on Kiss FM London (xx.xx.1995)
John Digweed Original Renaissance Demo Mix (14.07.1992)
Josh Wink Live Live @ Emotion St Louis (xx.xx.1995)
Richard Dorfmeister !K7 Tosca Mix (xx.08.2009)
LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad Live @ Detonate Rock City Nottingham (01.05.2005) (1Xtra 14.05.2005)
Martin Garcia Cabin Pressure (24.10.2013)
Blame One In The Jungle (02.05.1997)
Paul Oakenfold Urban Soundtracks A Christmas Carol (25.12.1999)
Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro 029 (24.09.2013)
Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro 030 Live @ @ Burning Man (22.10.2013)
Paul Oakenfold Full On Fluoro 031 (26.10.2013)
Sasha Live on Kiss100 FM Mastermix (07.10.1993)
The Prodigy Dirtchamber on Breezeblock Radio (xx.xx.1998)
Unknown Dj UK Balearic Mix (xx.xx.1990)
Streetlife DJ's - Nevermind The Balearics...Here's The Streetlife DJ's (30.04.2008)

we will be adding to this shortly

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