Wednesday, 28 November 2018

I have a collection of mixes & live sets of around 60000 sorted and added to a database and about 3TB i am working my way through and adding.
You can see the database here on my website. Its not cross referenced so everything doesnt show up under each artist yet, use the search function for a complete view for each artist or venue.

I have decided to concentrate on the following artists over the coming months
Ben Sims, Cari lekebusch, Carl Cox (including Global), Dave Clarke (including White noise), Ellen Allien, Magda, Michael Mayer & Sven Väth

For streaming I will be adding their mixes to my Soundcloud account where each artist has a Playlist which i will try to keep in date order to make browsing easier
For downloading i will be adding them to the download section of my Littledogdiscs site (A-Z bottom of the main page)

Anyone who visits here or Littledogdiscs please click the ads,
I need roughly 10 different visitors to click 1 add a day on each to allow me to develop the site and add more mixes
For anyone who uses adblocker or just wants to help out you can help by sponsoring the site on Patreon
Its only one download a day for now, hopefully i will be able to do away with this restriction soon and add streaming

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